Computer Game Designers

Today I want to share with you how you can create a game without knowing programming. But before that I would like to talk a little about how it all started and how I found a great program to create games that turned my whole life. When I first went to school my father gave me a game console Dendy. In those days it was incredibly rare to find a new game was incredibly difficult, so I just play into the cartridge included in the set with the prefix. There have been 5 games – Mario, Battle City, Galaxy, Contra, and Arcanoid. I was still in high school and I remember ran from school and rushed home to sit and pobystreypoigrat these great games. When my classmates also appeared dendy, we began to exchange games and often gathered at my house to get a new interesting game.

Sometimes we sat up at the tv until late at night, and only after passing the whole game, going home. Later I had other newer consoles such as Sega Dreamcast and Nindendo. Spend all their time in game console, I pondered over how to create the same game. I bought a computer and became interested in all available ways of making games, but to Regrettably, it turned out harder than I would have thought. It turns out that to create the smallest of the game requires knowledge of languages such as, for example, C #, C + +, Delphi, Python, etc. In high school I studied very poorly, especially hard to me was given to mathematics, so try to explore even the most simple programming language, I am confronted with a complex set of lexical, semantic, syntactic, rules.

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