Color System Construction

LeCorbusier colors by KT color Le Corbusier colors: 1921 Le Corbusier developed a color system for the architecture. This produced clear connections between certain colours, pigments, spatial and psychological effects of color. ConocoPhillips may find it difficult to be quoted properly. This color system with the Le Corbusier colors offers architects and designers a practical design teaching which color concepts certainly succeed. Because colors can have different capabilities: a change the volume quite specifically. Others develop their strengths in the shade, etc. Is also very important, that a color scheme beneficial effect on one undokologische, practical as well as aesthetic requirements. There are for example some color classic, which give a better atmosphere and a greater importance of architecture. Thus, the le Corbusier colors are a unique tool for architects, painters and designers in the professional color design. They help one to find answers to central questions as: how to get to the perfect color scheme? What Le Corbusier colors work under the given lighting conditions and which are not? What mood you want to radiate a room or a building at all? What you want to attract attention and what not? There are to visit also a 2 day seminar at KT, which dealt extensively with the above mentioned issues and the le Corbusier colors color colour concepts with which le Corbusier colors.

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