Cologne Werbeagentur GmbH

The Cologne Werbeagentur GmbH was Rincon 2 media now in Helsinki with the European design award in silver, category corporate party, excellent. The Cologne Agency Rincon 2 Media GmbH has now been in Helsinki with the European design award in silver, category corporate party ‘, excellent. into the issues. It is awarded by a jury of leading designers of Europe. The creative developed from the Cathedral City for the company NOVENTIZ GmbH (Cologne) the design concept of the brochure and other promotional materials. Whether sales packaging, transport packaging, location disposal (E.g.

for the food industry), e-waste or batteries NOVENTIZ optimized disposal costs of its customers quickly and reliably. The principle is simple: as an interface between recyclers or waste as well as industrial and commercial NOVENTIZ waste disposal quotas buys in a big way and passes the price advantage through the bulk purchase of the own customers. The advantage for NOVENTIZ customers: He secures the Price advantage due to the conditions in the amounts of NOVENTIZ and must no longer worry about the extensive bureaucracy for the disposal. It takes NOVENTIZ as a direct contractual partner of the customer: ranging from disposal guarantees completeness statements. The Agency of Rincon on simple, likeable and intelligent way has implemented this business model of the so-called Mengenpoolings, i.e. the bundling of quantities, and the associated benefits.

The Rincon team has transferred characteristics of animals on the range of services of the company. Started schools of fish, butterflies, dolphins up to Octopus. The recycling of waste gets to a certain lightness. In addition, attributes such as intelligence and responsibility in the unique way be expressed. The illustrations are pure Photoshop artwork and emerged without any use of 3D technology or renderings.

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