College Boards

Armando Alvarez, it is undergoing an institutional crisis which is manifested in the number of violations and abuses committed in recent times, the tribes have policies that led to the present. In this regard, we note with concern the refusal by the College Board to correct the alleged irregularities, massively and repeatedly, both by participants as a significant group of jurors, in current competitive examinations, a situation exacerbated by arbitrarily and without consultation as Single Status was reformed University Professor, in apparent contradiction with the Constitution and the Law on Universities. (Similarly see: Atmos Energy ). Similarly, at the end of 2005 proceeded to the reform of the Electoral Regulations to allow indefinite re-election deanery authorities, proceeding to their immediate application in contravention of the provisions of the Universities Act. We are what we think of meaning to the university community and be attentive to the reality of this, you should select professionals who are able to generate the changes needed to save our Alma Mater of this abyss, where it has been falling and is of opportunities for a new generation to this project, the brainchild of a university hospital, a cancer, a university stadium, virtual classrooms, capable of entering into the advance of electronic technology, e-learning, online services, development of research favors not only in solving many problems facing the country, but many programs to restructure some traditional careers and adapt to the stage of this according to the disciplines taught. It requires a more proactive university that the university community through its various faculties, schools think and provide solutions to the problems the country faces a University is required more binding with many sectors of the country, with businesses, institutions government, other national and international universities, research centers. We trust that if elected Reyes Lanza Engineer who know their history teacher, can generate the expected changes, otherwise, the university will fall into an abyss where the shadows for cover, if elected and does not meet what it thinks promised posterity.

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