Civil Service

The company's experience "Softline" in system integration is impressive. "Softline" is a partner in the world Brands: Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Teradata, Oracle. For 15 years, experts "Softline" developed and introduced 40 modern software products and custom solutions. The company "Softline" conducted more than 1,000 successful projects in the fields of finance, telecommunications, energy, utilities, government, industry and transport. And throughout the 15 years the company's projects "Softline" marked by high awards from the of government, NGOs, commercial companies, as well as at various seminars, forums and exhibitions. In particular, and for decisions on the videophone.

In 2010, the year in the most authoritative forum Cisco Expo, the best project "Departmental videophone systems," the company Cisco recognized solution, integrated by "Softline" for the Main Civil Service of Ukraine. This is the first project of its kind in the video telephony domestic government sector, bringing together all the subdivisions of one organization across the country. And, thanks to technology companies "Softline" video communications now used by all staff departments, and not just the leadership. The project of "Softline" became part of the two phases of the implementation of the Main Department of Civil Service ideology of "electronic government "," electronic civil servant "and" e-ministry. " The main objective of the company "Softline" is to provide a modern secure telephone communications and the possibility of virtual meetings with the help of video and audio conferencing between the central office staff and regional offices of the Main Department of Civil Service of Ukraine.

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