Choose Lodging

To choose the lodging of certain site is one of the things most important for the success of a site. Thinking a little, if somebody reads an announcement in an informative bulletin or sees to banner in a site, and when clicar in it and it does not get no reply, will be that user goes to try after a certain time again? Using it probably never more it will not go to clicar in such banner or announcement. a potential customer was lost. Exactly for something so simple if the current lodging of sites will not have the resources necessary to execute a stand of purchases, for example, of good quality this will go to make with that customers lose. Then as we can see, the choice of a lodging of sites of quality is very important. Thousands of hosts exist, but also some simple steps exist, that we need to give to find host perfect of a much more easy form.

In first place we need seating in them and thinking on the necessities that we will have before looking one host. Host would be constrangedor to choose one and immediately afterwards to discover that it does not support none of resources that we need to execute our site, or that we are paying for things that never we will go to use. The form most correct to know which is these resources is to ask to ours web to designer (if we will not be we ourselves) which the necessary resources for the site in question. One of the necessary characteristics for the electronic commerce that normally are not enclosed are protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), that he is used so that let us can accept credit cards with security and manipulate given sensible in the site. Other characteristics that are necessary are CGI (Common Gateway Interface) that it allows that is executed programs as stands of purchases in the site.

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