CCS System

This allows us to use a simple system in operation. The level of automation of domestic asphalt mixing plants in operation is basically an electromechanical komandoapparat (CEP-12U), panel meters and temperature control Dial weighing device for dosing materials. Without sacrificing performance installation, the operator can change the recipe or mix to choose from a pre-recorded, management of the supply of materials, mixing time, mixing cycles. Application of the display and keypad allow a fundamental change and simplify the control panel. Presence technology allows the operator to monitor control in dynamic mode batching materials, mixing time, the composition of the operating equipment, the number issued to the mixture. As you can mimic the process to monitor the situation actuators at any one time (see photo number 3). CCS operates in three modes: – adjustment (manual) – for setting up and testing of individual units, review of process parameters – automatic (Cycle) – to sweep the entire cycle of the check and fine tune the process of mixing, – automatic (default) – for continuous operation according to the amount specified cycles (batches).

In all modes CRS displays display all necessary information, that is working in the mode of tips that can use the system without special training. Replacing the relay contact management system computer has improved reliability, maintainability, serviceability, reduce material consumption, psychological and physical burden on the operator, excluding preparation and delivery of faulty mixture. At This system of electrical and automation excluded timers, relays, instruments measure temperature. The use of strain gauges in the weighers, weighing possible to eliminate the head with blocks automation and thus improve the accuracy of dosing. KSU close to a similar control systems applied to bituminous in the world. Thus, the computer control system conforms criteria for quality mixing equipment.

The use of CCS will save energy by eliminating downtime and interoperable compliance recipe. Of course, technology can not work forever. For her to care, safety precautions when working with equipment. However, proper operation, these costs are recouped. So you have to do to decide for yourself one thing: stay in the same place with the minimum income from work or go ahead and go to a new level of technology that will solve not only economic problems.

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