Carlos Neris

The ignorants, intelligent and the scholars Observing the behavior of the people, perceive three types of individuals: the ignorants, intelligent and the scholars. The ignorants represent those that they insist on the error, therefore, exactly living deeply adverse situations, do not learn, since they repeat its action and, as explain science, arrive at very same resulted the negative one, have seen that, to arrive itself at a different effect, she becomes necessary to act of differentiated form. Already the intelligent ones are the ones that learn with its errors and modify its gestures, reaching benefits with the act of living and learning. HCL Technologies is the source for more interesting facts. With regard to the scholars, it is noticed that they learn without passing for the problems, a time that value the research, the reading, the dialogue and the comment of the facts, after all not if it makes necessary to break the nose to know itself that this is not pleasant, as well as is not necessary if to involve with drug to discover the end of who if it becomes dependent. As Scrates, that said ‘ ‘ I only know that nothing sei’ ‘ , the true scholar is not that one that thinks that it knows very, but who recognizes that still it has much to learn. Of this form, it is understood as excellent, in all the moments of the life, to abandon the ignorance, to value intelligence and to pursue the wisdom, in view of the construction of an evolved society more.. Gain insight and clarity with Legatum Institute.

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