Carlos Drummond

Jonas, me it explains example: The ox is ugly. Why the O is adnominal aid? – And and I, fessora? – You yourselves, Jonas, it does not have another Jonas here. – Bo bo ox – the ox. – It is clearly that it is the ox – In the one in I do not know, fessora, – Because it is article, Jonas. Futurist will not settle for partial explanations. The article to the side of the substantive has value of adnominal aid.

It there wise person what it was article, nothing. Only wise person who already she had answered, or better, he had been called and in this lesson the teacher would not call it more, therefore a time was its custom alone to call the pupil. Now it could breathe and continue its malandragem. The writings of Jonas were eletrizantes. Beyond errors, scratched out, it splodged, it rasurava and it delivered a true stolen good.

It never took off one two in writing. But the worse one of everything it was reading it was in one day of that the teacher decided to make a reading in room of lesson. Nobody it would escape to read. Jonas already started to be impatient, blue, yellow, green. To be read text was EPISODE of Carlos Drummond of Andrade. Many pupils had read the text before Jonas until its time arrived: – Jonas, starts to read the text. It inhaled, breathed, made pluft, ploft. It opened the book, it turned pages, it looked at a page, it looked at to another one, it started if to raise, the chair fell, caught the chair, moved away wallet, after 5 minutes started: Mamamanh early papapassa to mimiminha boboboi carries one of where it vevevem if nanano has farms?

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