Camera Samsung Digital The Nx10

Advances in digital cameras do not stop. Now, achieving excellent photos with a minimum of effort is very simple thanks to the constant development of technology, and in this, Samsung comes working very hard for some years. As a result, the koreana company brings us his new digital camera, the NX10, whose main characteristic is the implementation of the new AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) screen. Futurist takes a slightly different approach. This allows viewing more quick, bright and with a sharpness of colour which allows to observe the image even in full sun.This imaging system is the same that the company uses in its new series of TVs plasma and that surpasses the LCD quality, brightness and intensity of image. The Samsung NX10, allows you record images in HD quality, making your videos have a good image resolution. It has a CMOS sensor that allows you to highlight certain objects in the image in a movie; In addition, it is equipped with HDMI interface.

The part difficult when an advanced digital camera operates is learning to use the menu and the settings of each step. However, with the NX10 is simple by ease of operation with which it is designed; so simple that even a novice could handle it without problems. Other characteristics that make it unique to this camera is the function of supersonic dust removal, which prevents dust accumulated by the change of lens damage to the surface of the image sensor and thus its quality. This is done through an internal motion sensor which reaches 60 thousand revolutions per second. There are many more features that make this model one of the best options for those wishing to get started in the world of photography at a professional level. If you want more information, visit the website of Samsung.

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