Buy An Oven Convection In Madrid

The convection oven is already mandatory in all households by the advantages against the conventional oven. It heats food quickly, comfortable and without getting dirty pots. Save us time when cooking and energy with respect to traditional ovens, if you have not yet clear which model of oven convection you should more, we recommend that you read our article. If you do have it clear, pays attention to the following features before buying your oven microwave: 1 – capacity (measured in litres) and its external dimensions: two sizes are important in the oven:-the external oven size, taking into account what that leave space for proper ventilation, – the internal volume in liters is say, certain useful space by:-The diameter of the turntable (where is placed the container to heat, cook or defrost), especially if you pretend to use trays larger, and also by – the maximum interior height (if you intend to heat high jars like baby bottles). Most common household models in the market range from 17 to 32 litres of capacity with a standard diameter of 28 cm turntable, although some from 24 cm to 36 cm approximately.

Some models allow you to deactivate the swivel feature of the dish, with what WINS internal capacity, for example. to get a square tray, but keep in mind that the food is cooked evenly thanks to the tray rotates. You choose models with grills for cooking on two levels that allow you to cook food to the grill and heat another dish at the same time. 2.-(Expressed in watts) power and energy consumption the higher power, will cook before food, but the ideal is to purchase a model of the maximum level of efficiency to avoid unnecessary consumption. Common microwaves have a power of 800 watts and which have grill, reach 1,000 watts. Consumption is indicated on the label energy, mandatory pursuant to the regulations of the European Union. The level of efficiency is reported in that tag energy of the device with respect to the standard type. The classification is made of the letter A to G, more efficient and environmentally friendly (A) unless (G).

Although more efficient appliances tend to be more expensive, in the long run compensates invest in them by saving in energy consumption during its useful life. 3.-Programmes and special benefits most standard microwaves on the market have a satisfactory performance. The difference between a few models and others is its special characteristics. Let’s see some:-the control panel (for select programs, features, power and time) operation manual models are cheaper and more intuitive than the digital, but the latter offer benefits useful as clock stop cooking, home (delay timer), program automatic defrost and even connecting to the Internet and programmer storage recipes., – cooking sensors (measured vapors) work very well, that avoids that food are little or too cooked, – safety devices are necessary to prevent accidents in the home, for example, the door lock if mishandled by children, the double door locking system or the thermostat, – the Inverter technology is useful because it allows you to regulate the power and thus save energy, – quick cooking in some models program combines the microwaves with convection and often, with halogen lights to speed the cooking.

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