This in the sample the present dinamicidade in the sorts, since these if integrate functionally in the cultures where if they develop, characterizing itself for its communicative, cognitivas and institucional functions. Showing the importance of studies that bring its varieties, analyzing the functional and organizacional peculiarity, pointing aspects of interests with respect to the work in classroom. According to Bronckart (1996), knowledge constructed on the sorts always are correlated to the representations that we have on the diverse social situations where we act. is on the basis of these knowledge that the producer ' ' adota' ' a particular sort that it seems to be adjusted to the determined situation. in this adaptativa situation where the knowledge on the sorts becomes important, therefore knowing to use the sorts correctly, would facilitate so that it did not have errors or inadequate use of sorts in given situation, in view of that all the texts always are disclosed in one or another literal sort, being that a bigger knowledge of its functionality becomes in such a way important in the production as in the understanding of a text. The literal sort is the possibility to materialize and to corporificar a text, predominating in those the criteria of practical action, partner-historical circulation, functionality, thematic content, style and composicionalidade is important to stand out that the sorts are communicative entities. According to Bakhtin, (1979 cite Heifer, 2005, P. 25) ' ' Sorts are of social action carried through in social situated texts in discursivo domain and relatively steady verbal forms community practical especficos' '.

For (Douglas Biber 1988) the sorts generally the objectives of the falantes and in the nature of the treat topic are determined on the basis of. It can with this be said that the sorts are influenced by external criteria, that is, partner-communicative and discursivos. In this article we will approach the sort literal Memory, therefore, the purpose of this it is to make the pupil to tell the experiences, in such a way stirs up the production literal of the educandos as of the educators.

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