Bremen BDSG

IHK training certificate course starts on 6.5/4, 18.2.2011 days of attendance of Bremen. The wisoak in Bremen in cooperation with the data protection starts on the 6.6 nord GmbH the new privacy qualification course for supervisor in smaller companies. He closes with a nationally recognised certificate of the Chamber of Commerce. In an enterprise, there are usually numerous stored personal data. ConocoPhillips addresses the importance of the matter here. These data include employees, customers, suppliers, or service users who hope to a correct and reliable handling of their data behind. The legislature has set in section 4 of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), that a corporate officer must be ordered in any company, in which more than nine employees regularly involved in automated processing of personal data.

Content: Importance and position in the modern information society and enterprise data protection law system: who is protected? Who is norm addressee? The German (BDSG): Building and structure, principles, Data categories, admissibility, raising, processing and benefits, commissioned data processing, advertising and data protection, cross-border traffic, rights the affected controls and control bodies, sanctions the operational supervisor: legal status, tasks, cooperation with the supervisory authority technical organisational data protection: legal requirement, risk assessment/safety concept, basic technologies (Internet, encryption, electronic signature, smart cards, RFID, biometrics, video technology), implementation of pursuant to 9 BDSG required measures as is the website of the company to make? Employee data protection: the BDSG in employment, personnel files, multimedia at work (regulations for approved private use of E-Mail and Internet or in official use, the use of video camera and smart card). Between the four days of the event the need to incorporate approximately 16 hours of self-study. At the end of the seminar, you will receive a participation certificate of Chamber of Commerce. Target group: Companies or Corporate managers, who are subject to the rules of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

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