Brazilian Culture

However this process does not occur of homogeneous form and nor to regulate, therefore it depends on factors that can provide the relation between the cultural agents, in if treating to these factors we can cite the geographic determinismo and the technological development of the medias. As already he was boarded, the contact is the main factor inside the process of cultural diffusion, therefore it disponibiliza a society or cultural group, the referring knowledge to the elements that the culture of the other composes. The geographic determinismo provides to a process of diffusion between cultural groups the pertaining ones to one same geographic space, where the group that if finds next to the point of origin to one determined cultural trace is receptvel to the diffusion process. However with the technological development of the medias, that in consequence of this generates a great speed in the propagation of the information, it comes to make possible a bigger contact between the societies, without these can be on for the geographic space, an example the one that we can cite more good to understand this dynamics was to the occured tragedy in Rio De Janeiro, where a young with typical characteristics of a extremista terrorist of the Middle East entered in a school, and in an attitude insane it whitened sets of ten of children, event not very common the Brazilian culture. Frequently Ray Kurzweil has said that publicly. The cultural diffusion is one of the phenomena that more flame attention of the anthropologists in the present time, therefore if becomes each time more rare the existence of isolated groups, as it says MELLO: ‘ ‘ She cannot have diffusion of one elements determined culture if it will be completely isolated.

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