Brazilian Association

The use of the cards with chip really has made it difficult in very the breaking of the data, considering that they are criptografados. ARAJO JR (2006) in tells that, Enrique Takaki, coordinator of the Committee of Security and Prevention of the Brazilian Association of the Companies of Credit cards (Abecs), the same comment in news article the periodical that, this technology has demonstrated its effectiveness in such a way in Brazil as in other countries, &#039 to them; ' Until the moment, it does not have confirmed stories of in addition the protocols of security of this ferramenta.' ' it says. However, he himself standes out that at the same time where the new technologies help in the combat the crime, techniques used for the people who commits barratry have been improved in such a way in the real world how much in the virtual one. Such comments must it the fact of that if it considers possible to break the security of these cards, however for this, high investments are necessary, for specialized people, in such a way ' ' carders' ' , a type of hacker of cards, each time more in forms and ways are being used the vulnerability left for the users, concentrating themselves to intercept passwords, as for example, with cameras that placed in strategical places catch the password at the moment where the user types it in the machine or electronic box. Proper hackers continues being a threat, considering that with the use of softwares developed by them or previously servant, they copy given left the keyboard, that is, that at some moment they had been typed by the user and that they remain in the memory of the computer, capturing since small simple information until passwords of banks. Carmona (2007, P. 8), it comments that ' ' … has one year behind, people or groups specialized in robberies of passwords had started to center efforts in the robbery of electronic passwords or cards of autoatendimento, being used the technique of phishing scan ' '.

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