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Last Friday I left with a hope: that repairs the agrarian conflict in Argentina. Not only it did not happen but that it worsened. It wasn’t a sad hope. The Government decided on Tuesday, and then have the weekend to the country on tenterhooks and flames during three days, send to Parliament 125th resolution created by the Argentine Ministry of economy, is that mobile retentions, last March, which increases the aliquots of certain commodities such as soybean, sunflower and maize to 44 per cent (confiscatorio) which was created and mobilefrom 35% to March 10, and low for other agricultural products such as wheat, to a lesser extent.The agricultural sector has ceased its activities and there is no sector in Argentina that is not suffering from this chaos. Well the only ox licks, the ruling party has majority in both legislative chambers. What will they vote? A project that is already voted in advance? It is likely that the political scene will complicate even more.We will see the reaction of the field If this law leaves Parliament without being able to change mobile retentions. It will return the popular anger translated into pans Symphony by Argentine cities? They will continue cuts routes that impede passing trucks with grains for export? How will react society that has made Government very nervous weekend, and that rather than repeal deductions, it seemed willing to give something much more important still: order and institutions.

The Government refuses to listen to 80% of the population asking you to lose these deductions. The Argentine President has lowered its positive image to only 20%. We wonder at this point whether a call to a popular consultation so that people vote the repeal or not of the 125 resolution and all parties to abide by the result, wouldn’t today the only viable exit in Argentina to unlock the conflict.

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