Biometric Authentication

Log on to Windows with a biometric USB flash drive on the example of transcend JetFlash 220 fingerprint biometric USB flash drives is possible together with the program of Rohos logon key to use it. So you can login to Windows, after the encrypted partition flash drive has been opened by the USB by the thumbprint. In this article, the work of biometric USB drive transcend JetFlash is 220 fingerprint along with the Rohos logon key program. How it works: the Rohos logon key completes the module of biometric authentication the USB stick before logging in to Windows (in the login window). The user moves the finger on the biometric sensor, by opening the encrypted partition of the USB stick. The Rohos logon key program waits until access to the encrypted partition is opened, then it reads the user name and password for login off (the password is stored in encrypted form) then leads the Rohos logon key program an automatic Log on to Windows with.

Information: An ordinary USB flash drive is in two parts divided: open and the encrypted. If the open partition, it is impossible to see the files in the encrypted, and vice versa. It is therefore necessary to reach – registration by the thumbprint program of Rohos on the encrypted partition to take, necessary the result. How to set up the program Rohos logon key on the biometrischenUSB flash drive: first you need to install the program Rohos logon key. In the main program window open dialog « Configure options » (the most important settings are performed in this dialog) in this window as a type of the USB key that is used for the login, you have the USB flash drive select (as is shown in the figure) then click the link « choose start-up program », program for the biometric authentication through the USB flash drive to select. The program should be selected from the USB drive How you know what to choose for a program? On the USB removable drive or CD ROM of this sticks there autorun.inf, where it is interpreted, what program run is a file with the extension.

In our case is the PdtStart.exe) now sets Rohos program on the encrypted partition. USB stick for the joining system configure: warning: before the configuration of the USB stick its encrypted partition should be open Rohos files in this partition to store the logon. In the main program window, click on « USB stick configure », in this dialog box you enter the password your user accounts in Windows (if not using the password, you can do it). « USB key K: found » – points on which disk the program is set. Click OK – now is your Biometric USB flash drive is a key for the system logon. Reboot the computer and dan can make sure that the biometric authentication at startup dialog appears, where the Fingerprint of the user for access to the USB stick (an alternative to the fingerprint can be the simple password that was enter the configuration of the USB key) is asked. The biometric USB flash LAU works transcend JetFlash 220 fingerprint has shown very good parameters when testing in conjunction with the Rohos logon key program and was rated with 4 points out of 5.

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