Biodit Energy

He arrives to the market the first biometric lock operates wirelessly, without wiring, which is installed in the door itself. Olock is a lock that is installed quickly and easily (plug & play) on any door or space, since it does not require any wiring additional. The main features of Olock are: detection of fingerprint biometric access Control. Bi-directional wireless communication in real time with the control system. Using power battery, being this way, autonomous in its operation. Function anti-panic, Olock may be opened always from the inside using a wallbox proper lock. Design aesthetic, available in different finishes, colors and textures.

The Valencian company Biodit goes beyond Olock, offering innovative products and unmatched aesthetics, which are integrated perfectly in any space or environment. So Conik, in its different versions and Biodit Energy complete a series that won’t leave anyone indifferent. The devices are controlled and managed from a software that serves as a communication platform Online, allowing your connection to the central server through the standard zigbee. Some of the features of the platform of communication are: multi-company management system. From a workstation, you may carry out access control of all the companies that are on the same database server. Monitoring the status of locks. Management of authorized users.

Management and verification of rounds. Status of batteries. More information: Tlf. 968.268.511.

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