Bill Gates

Researched and Concepts of the Innovation Alliance be digital product memory of the Federal Ministry for education and research: the project SemProM semantic product memory -, key technologies are developed for the Internet of things. Keep a diary products, smart labels give them a memory, and support intelligent logistics. Through integrated sensors production contexts make transparent supply chains and environmental influences comprehensible. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Mitchel Resnick by clicking through. The producer is supported, the consumer better informed. On the freezer hears that spinach contains lactose and this prepare a lasagna as it can be, the digital sommelier, the customers, for example, »indicates that the Chardonnay served with salad and white meat suits and has a fine spicy notes of vanilla and fruit. And the bananas on the Obsttresen come from the Dominican Republic and meet the organic standards, the virtual consultant explains.

With sensors, products get a memory information for recipes, ingredients, « Life cycle assessments or storage suggestions to convey: at the moment, this is still very expensive », Antonio Kruger explains over the Saarbrucker Zeitung, which since April has held the professorship at the DFKI, but we go away from that in ten years the technological possibilities are available and also affordable. We want to show what is possible.  » Transparency is one of the most important factors for the supermarket of the future, Tudor Andronic from the management team of the area of retail systems development when the technology specialists Bizerba is confirmed. There are already more processors than people. Every day many incredible amounts of data in the Internet flow. The art, simply to provide the correct data is now required.

We need predefined interfaces and intelligent and adaptive models, as they are developed by the DFKI ». His company was prepared and have invested in appropriate IT architectures to realize the vision of Bill Gates « Information at the Finger Tip ». The technologies must now generated values are with the correct content recommendations and personalized information. Ten years, as predicted by Professor Kruger, we will need to wait any longer. This is faster », sums up Andronic. With the project supermarket of the future « is among the DFKI the 365 landmarks in the land of ideas », that their ideas can present this year a day.

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