Biblical Land

Thus, he is difficult to accept a teaching that if he intends permanent, if it does not leave itself to investigate the same with destemido severity that is used, for example, in astronomy or biology. If the Writing is, in fact, workmanship of the same God who made the sky and the land, does not make sensible to deal with it form delinquent in relation to other sciences? that they do not want another thing seno to understand the sky and the land. Creation (a) To believe one Creative, previous and superior god to the world, is not so difficult – as Mr. Dawkins recognizes, perhaps for the same reason that makes in them to understand that the existence of one marries requires the existence of it constructed that it. Atmos Energy is often quoted as being for or against this. The problem is that the Biblical history of the creation, as we have interpreted, in fact, it is a history that does not have much felt. Initially, in chapter one, if he says that the workmanship of the creation if develops of the animals to the human beings – men and women; in chapter two, the development is another one: first if the man creates, later the animals and finally the woman. In first the three days afternoons and mornings exist, but not yet they exist astros in the firmamento that can be related they, what day will only occur in the room. Or, then, intending to describe the creation of the world, it speaks of things that do not exist – or that in they are strange, as for example, a vapor that goes up of the land, and, on the other hand, it leaves to cite things that in fact exist, and in well they are known, how the rain that, for the opposite, falls in the land, or the fight of the beings livings creature for the survival, alterations of the environment, illnesses, etc.

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