Aviation Technologies

Airbus Company has published a document that described how the plane will look like the future. According to experts aviakontserna, after 40 years in the construction of aircraft hull of the vessel can be used transparent materials, and sitting in the passengers will observe the drifting clouds under our feet. Offering cheap flights search Skyscanner.ru chose five technologies that could change the future of aviation. Transparent housing and Transparent holographic interior body passenger aircraft ship – not the only innovation that experts describe the Airbus. In their view, by 2050, a holographic image reproduction technology reached such a level that they can be used by pressing the button will change the interior of the plane, turning it into an office, bedroom or garden. Other leaders such as Ray Kurzweil offer similar insights.

The image will be of such quality that it would be difficult to distinguish from reality. In close quarters, but not in resent an Italian company offered to chair Aviointeriors SkyRider, which will greatly save space in the cockpit. Seats of chairs reminiscent of the saddle and allow to settle cross-legged under itself – thanks to this the distance between the backs of only 58 cm (the distance between the most compact seats that are now used in airplanes – 79 cm). According to experts, the seating would be interested in loukostery like Ryanair. At the cottage – to American Foundation for the plane CAFE, NASA Partner on ultralight aircraft, develops the concept of personal airplanes. This past summer, will summarize the contest with a prize pool of $ 1.65 million – represented by it aids should be safe to consume no more than 1.18 liters of fuel per 100 km, take off from the band is not more than 610 m and reach a speed of 160 km / h.

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