Asus Is Preparing Alternative Versions Of The Radeon HD 5870

If msi and Gigabyte have already demonstrated their version of the Radeon hd 5870, prepared to storm the core frequency of 1 GHz, Asus all this time have taken a wait. However, the long wait for alternate versions of the Radeon hd 5870 performed Asus may well result in an abundance of models. The company just saved up the appropriate card for the March at CeBIT 2010. The first claims that Asus was preparing for the announcement version of the Radeon hd 5870 Series top uniquely designed cooling system and improved overclocking potential. Chinese website publishes photos of the video card Asus EAH5870 Matrix with 2 gb of GDDR-5.

This is a more powerful product, is explicitly directed at overclockers. Under a massive housing cooling system hide turbine and recycled power subsystem. On the back side of printed circuit board housed an extensive aluminum plate. ‘Seriousness’ show two Octal power connectors and power contacts for measuring stress. Branded utility allows you to prescribe their frequencies, voltages and memory timings, even – for the regimes of two-and three-dimensional graphics, respectively. Located on the rear panel button ‘Safe Mode’ allows you to revert to factory settings. By the way, the nominal rate card increased from 850/4800 MHz to 900/4900 MHz. Chinese colleagues were able to overclock the video card to 1080/5200 MHz with vcore 1.5 V. The price and terms Asus announcement of new products no data, but the coming CeBIT 2010 certainly put everything into place.

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