Applying Paints

Outdoors and in contact with moisture unprotected metal is covered with iron oxide – rust. Official site: Mitchel Resnick . If time does not take action – the process will continue as long as the surface is not completely corroded rust. To avoid rust, resistant to the protective coating that prevents the penetration of oxygen and moisture. For these purposes, the British company 'Hammerite' ('Hemmerayt') was developed paint that has received similar name. Paint 'Hemmerayt' based on modified alkyd with the addition of styrene, which provides the best adhesion to steel surfaces. 'Hemmerayt' also contains bystroisparyayuschiesya solvents, which promotes rapid drying and reduce drying time between layers. Silicones belonging to the paint, increase the water repellency, and tempered glass particles pose a waterproof barrier.

Paint 'Hemmerayt' is a glossy, matte and a hammer (crimp). In composition, the difference between matte and glossy paints do not. Hammer paint contains aluminum flakes, creating a characteristic 'patterned' figure. Hammer paint contains special silicones that stabilize the 'patterned' picture and provide water-repellent effect. Paint 'Hemmerayt' is used as a corrosion-resistant and decorative coating. Is applied to ferrous and nonferrous metals. Paint 'Hemmerayt' is perfect for rusty surfaces.

For use on a rusty surface to remove loose rust layer and grime (this is best use a metal brush), degrease and apply paint according to the instructions on the can. When applied to the new metal must carefully prepare the surface before painting. This metal is factory-lubricated, protects it from corrosion, which must be removed. Using fat solvent (solvent or mineral spirits), wash the surface 2-3 times, and then use a volatile solvent – acetone. Quality cleaning, check the filter or blotting out of the ordinary school notebook. If the paper does not remain greasy spots – the surface is ready for painting. Shiny and smooth metallic surfaces must be pre-sanded to create maximum adhesion. You can use small metal brush or sandpaper P-40, F-60.

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