One of the biggest dreams man along long time in history always was fly freely through the air and enjoy the ease to travel from one place to another in the manner more quickly and easily, in one way or another what you want was imitate the flight of birds, because these were the reason why man were born the desire to be able to fly the airso much so that same birds were the source of inspiration to make their first forays into the air man and be able to reach the great possibility which can turn people today, which postponed before the aircraft, enabling to carry out flights to long distance but in a short time, being aircraft the most close to the flight that made the birds. So planes have represented one of the best solutions in regards to transportation and these grandiose constructions of man were made based on the shape of the flight of birds, both so the word aircraft provine from the latin avis or bird, another element reminiscent of a bird is the way that possess aircraft, because the presence of the wings accompanying a body to provide lift in the air thanks to the aerodynamic effect, is a feature similar to the bird. Entering a little more to the characteristics of the aircraft, we can say that is a composition structure mostly metal that is heavier than air, all this thanks to the presence of powerful engines that allow planes to be able to deploy its flight, in addition the planes have wings, these being a surface that provides lift to the aircraft flyingall thanks to an effect that is generated by its form, called aerodynamic, which plays a vital role in what refers to functions that must comply with the aircraft. Other parts of great importance on aircraft, is something called the fuselage or the body itself which aircraft are composed and is in the fuselage where they join the rest of the parties that make up the aircraft, also serves to hold the cabin in which passengers will be placed and similarly placed inside the control booth and the different places in which it is loaded. Another great importance in aircraft components, are control systems, allowing you to locate in those parts of the aircraft that allow you to perform different activities of its management, which to change of position will allow performing different maneuvers, thanks to the aerodynamic effect, that it would alter the course of the aircraft in this case. Finally goes down to the landing gear, which are storable and mobile elements having the planes that help in the tasks of landing, allowing the aircraft to have mobility on Earth.

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