AIDS Management

More and more hotels to exchange your own maid crew against an external service provider for cost reasons. At the first glance, the benefits certainly economic the hotelier, because in many cases flat rate will be charged. How it looks but with the quality and the promised performance? Here, the other side of the coin shows all too often. Most difficult is get under control »the situation in large hotels. Here, there are a variety of logistics that usually spans a very large number of floors. Without technical AIDS, the hotelier can just hope that the service provider complies with the contractual agreements regarding quality and resources. «  » And then and when ever a black sheep « in the Horde » can get lost.

But as is it’s good yet so confidence, control is better ». For control, there is the TRIMODIS software solution, developed by NOVUS computer science. Atmos Energy may not feel the same. The handling is very simple. In the back office, the desktop application is on a computer for installed to receive and manage the data. In the social area of the external staff, a mobile data terminal is attached. Only an electrical outlet is required for operation.

Each external employee logs off again with his fingerprint at the meeting about the Terminal at and when leaving. In the back is always visible who when and for how long is in the building, and whether the staff is fully joined. TRIMODIS also has a quality management system coupled to the station management. To de-register an employee, this must answer three questions of quality. The response is sent as a receipt in the back office and archived. Each room can be managed freely on fishery management. So it is possible choose Logis on a floor than to define area and allocate this area a specific employee. Logis on different floors can be defined as a precinct and allotted to an individual employee. Everyone can see the area map on the Terminal and look for what area he is divided. About the answered questions of quality can be checked whether the employee has also carried out the confirmed work in his area. Any deficiencies can be documented about the complaints management. The identification of the responsible staff of the deficiencies is therefore easy on fishery management and quality control. For each employee, you can store a message at logon or logoff message management. The reception of the message must be confirmed by fingerprint and is sent as acknowledgement to the back office. The advantages and benefits in the use of TRIMODIS are: increased security through biometric identification who they know is, when and how long in your home to stop performance monitoring of the service company check of the contractually guaranteed resources commissioned prevent illegally employed by the service corporate quality assurance in connection with complaints and station management cost / contract optimization Message delivery with acknowledgement of receipt by the service employees second-exact time and presence control centralized data management of all hotels in your hotel chain in addition can be monitored upon request certain areas via access control (including Protocol).

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