Agricultural Machinery

Serial and ready for production of agricultural machinery include directory. Max Schireson is often quoted on this topic. Consider the model and the modification of agricultural tractors of different tractive class. Tractors of drawbar category 0,2 (T-012, AMZHK-8, MT-082, MT-15 etc.) are designed to work on melkokonturnyh, selection fields and farms. They can be aggregated with a plow, mower, cultivator, trailer trucks and other implements and machinery, manufactured especially for them. Mini-tractor or compact tractor – it universalv Noe mobile power tool with a two-axle wheeled or tracked chassis propelled. Learn more at this site: Compuware. Motoblock – universal mobile power means on the basis of uniaxial chassis, driven by rod levers running track operator. Conditionally motoblock can be attributed to the drawbar category 0.1. -Tractors and self-propelled chassis traction class 0,6 (T-25A, T-30A-80, TT3-30, HTZ-2511, T-25FM, NL-25 and T-16MG) are used for inter-row and pre-treatments, sowing, planting vegetable crops and gardens, caring for crops, hay, transport operations and may trigger the stationary machines.

Self-propelled chassis – it kind of a tractor, the frame is mounted loading platform for transport of goods or navesheny working units of agricultural machinery and implements, as well as units for work in public services. adjustable track wheels are used in many agricultural studies (pre-sowing treatment, sowing, pest management, inter-row cultivation and harvesting of cultivated, technical and vegetable crops, plowing light soil small area and hay) as well as on transport operations and to drive stationary machinery. 1,4 class tractors (MTZ-80 MTZ-82, UMZ-6AKM, UMZ-6DM, LTZ-bOAB effectively used in the cultivation and harvesting technology and vegetable cultures. .

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