Affinity Classroom

For Savater (2000, P. 23), the work to educate must be imbudo of hope, therefore while ' ' educators, however, in them do not remain another remedy seno to be optimistical, infelizmente.' ' Therefore, … the first factor that differentiates the professor in its performance is the personal question exactly. It is the personal, ethical, professional formation. Generally the pupils if approach more for who are emptico, have mood better, therefore resulted greater is obtained when it works with joy. (Subject G). d) Causes of the good performance of the professor in classroom The difference between speaks of the professors and its form to act is factor of great impact in the education and the performance of the student. One becomes basic to have availability of material, easy access to the technologies, to carry through historical and cultural strolls, to adopt good books and to have adequate number of students in classroom, but these are not the main causes of the success of the learning in the studies.

The good performance also passes for the professor and the form as it gives the lessons. The professor, as well as another necessary profession to show persistence, to dedicate it what it makes, to motivate itself, to go in search of answers, to be intent and worried about problems of its pupils, to reveal flexible and available, to be constantly searching continued formation, therefore I find that a secret does not exist, but some characteristics that make of the professor somebody inspirer and that makes the difference. (Subject H). In accordance with Demon (2004), the good professor obtains to talk with the pupil of such luck to show to it that its performance is not satisfactory, looks for to understand the reasons of the bad performance, and, over all, is presented as support to rescue the chances. Good teaching formation allows that it acquires confidence and taste for the research that opens doors for the human and professional development. What it determines one better performance of the professor in classroom they are the inquietudes, the planning and the constant search of perfectioning, readings, research, exchanges of experiences and the comprometimento with the education. (Subject F).

Affinity with what it makes is determinative so that professors transform the children into exitosos apprenticees, therefore attitudes of the professor will be reflected in classroom. … beyond the content domain is basic the creativity, the use of some pedagogical ways to have well prepared lessons. For this it is necessary affinity with what one becomes. (Subject J). e) Planning and didactic organization of the professor Rivero (2004), considers that inside of the current parameters it becomes necessary to form professors who come to reflect on proper the practical one, in the expectation of that they can analyze and interpret the proper didactic-pedagogical activity, becoming the reflection instrument of development of thought and action. The planning leads the action of the professor. If the professor to plan its lessons being convicto of the objectives that desires to reach with that lesson is certain that he will have learning on the part of the pupils. (Subject to). As Pozo (2002) will not have strategical apprenticees without

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