Access Control

Intelligent locks: Access Control and biometric systems the use of biometrics for identification purposes, is something quite old. It is no secret that government agencies have used it, for the issuance of identity documents such as certificates, passport or social security cards. However, the biometrics has begun to be implemented in many other areas, examples of these are access controls. Many experts say that the biometric indicators will be the keys to the future. In this way, people won’t have to carry keys, which may go astray or be stolen. In addition, the person must be present in order to open a biometric lock, as opposed to common systems, in which anyone could do it just with steal or falsify a wrench. Before, these controls were very expensive and could only be seen in facilities that they had high levels of security. With the passage of time and the growth of crimes, a biometric access control has become one of the solutions that draw more attention, when implementing a system of security in homes or offices.

In addition, prices are now reasonable, and many people cannot afford them. Biometric systems, apart from being very efficient, are also very resistant mechanisms. In the case of locks with fingerprint readers, equiped with knobs that make them impregnable, so they are better than conventional designs. A biometric access control can be used in various types of facilities. Homes and offices are the most common sites, that this type of technology can be found. Thus, buildings of offices and residences have increased levels of security through the use of biometric systems. Various biometric security systems can be found on the market. Some people use fingerprints, other eye patterns and other facial features.

There are also other devices that analyze other qualities such as how to walk, talk or write. However, fingerprint locks they are the most popular. These locks can deliver secure access control. The mechanisms based on biometrics, biometric systems and biometric locks, are an ideal tool for access control. Thus, the entry key is something people and non-transferable.

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