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The wood kitchens can recall the styles of houses of yesteryear or can evoke a decidedly modern atmosphere. Either way, they are very popular in homes today. What are the wooden kitchens? The wood kitchens are those in which the components of a room dedicated to the preparation of food are made of wood, such […]


The words not much really matter in what seduction refers to, without place to doubt what matters is one who transmits them, if you’re able to convey any word so that you take each value you as a person then you’ve gone to a field where no matter you open with whatever you want to […]

Moving Away from Traditional Media

Traditional media has become a single-minded authority on how we perceive life. Theirs is a negative perspective. Could there be a new way to listen to the stories we think are relevant to our lives? If you're like me you are really tired of a major media voice-to-many analysis of life on Earth. First, it […]

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Original Gifts

One is French, the other Spanish. They are members and residents in Malaga, where share an entrepreneurial adventure: Twyggi Boutique. This store, located in Fajardo Street, in the heart of Malaga, is not a usual trade. Its proprietary (to which you can see on these lines) call it boutique workshop, which has in the back […]

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World Championship

The Valencian rider will run in Moto2 with the MAPFRE Aspar Team. It will do so for the first time in the Dutch Grand Prix. Others, such as the German Katja Poensgen, Nikoletta Kovacs Hungarian, and the Czech Marketa Janakova, have been forerunners in motorcycling. MAPFRE Aspar Team will incorporate their ranks to the Valencian […]

King Mohammed

When question on the reasons, mentions many to it of them, when it was interrogated on the Spanish model of monarchy, he attacks its adversaries through critical an implicit one, saying: ' ' You do not know the history of Morocco the age you in recent years caused a paper that the education politics did […]


Independent of the conceptualization given to the metrologia in the area of the Education, it exists diverse expectations and 31 intentions related to the technician-scientific field aiming at to the inclusion of topics of metrologia, normalization and quality in the curricular lines of direction of graduation. Although the tenuous presence of the metrologia in the […]

Beethoven Music

The studies to this respect have registered that music, in determined experiences has deserved prominence place and when developed since the first years for child with intellectual deficiency from the infantile education, contributes of systematic form and superficiality in its relations with the teach-learning for formation of the integral process. ' ' It is certain […]

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Affinity Diagrams Ideas

AFFINITY DIAGRAM a Definition Also known as the KJ method after its creator Kawakita Jiro, the affinity diagram is a tool that summarizes qualitative data (ideas, opinions, themes, expressions) representing about ideas or concepts, as the degree of affinity with each other. a Implementation Methodology The affinity diagram is a tool for team work, so […]

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The Formation

When the child starts school life, carries luggage, which is not always equipped you support and encouragement the habit of reading. In view of this concern is important you bring you public school the development this skill, arousing interest through activities and different environments. Key words: Reading, training of readers, School library. Introduction: The interest […]